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NEW! FSL Tutorial Coming on 22nd June


HELLO AND WELCOME! If this is the first time you have visited the Group, we are all delighted that you have found us. This is a special and unique place, a private, safe community, without adverts, for those who love the style of Bridal, Heirloom, Celtic and quilting machine embroidery that Graceful Embroidery is renowned for. Members enjoy exclusive freebies at certain times throughout the year and many other free designs during each year's Birthday event which is held each September.


There are many reasons for belonging to this group! With an active membership your love of machine embroidery will be enhanced and challenged, taking it beyond the normal as you are encouraged to download and test exclusive designs, and take part in challenges and competitions. These opportunities will increase your skills and creativity. During our four week Birthday event a new freebie is released each day so members collect a whole new set of very special embroidery designs. The 17th Birthday Event will run from 6th October to 3rd November 2024.

As a member you are encouraged to visit at least once a week so you know what is happening, but there is no pressure whatsoever. If you don't want to upload a photo of yourself, that is fine, how about a picture of your favourite design? Take time to explore all the areas of the Group Forum by clicking on every item along the main menu bar. If you see a little downwards arrow there is a drop down menu too! To find out your level of membership you will have to log into your account at Graceful Embroidery. Unfortunately your level of membership is not shown in the Group Forum. The Graceful Embroidery website where you have an account and this Group Forum are not connected in any way, as they are separate websites.

To benefit from all aspects of the Group Forum and to increase the activity within it, ask questions, upload photos of projects that use Graceful Embroidery designs and make comments on what other members have been creating. Every morning I check to see if new members have applied to join and I usually take this opportunity to let you know what is happening, to leave a comment or make a post.

Lastly, it is VITAL that members subscribe to my Embroidery Thoughts newsletter and when they do that they will receive a spectacular free design of a lace heart. Click on the link in the main menu and subscribe after your membership is approved.

Happy hoopings from Hazel  (updated 21st June, 2024)