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Graceful Embroidery specialises in Bridal, Heirloom, Celtic, Crazy Quilt blocks and Lace machine embroidery! There are lots of floral designs too. If you are familiar with my designs and they are in a style you love, then you should consider joining the Group Forum as there are many benefits and privileges to becoming a member.

GREAT NEWS! I am delighted to announce that the Group Forum has now been embedded into each level of membership within the Graceful Embroidery eCommerce website where you buy my designs. At the moment there is more work to be done.  I am waiting to get support on completing everything on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you for your patience. Get all the news and updates in Embroidery Thoughts.


Happy hoopings from Hazel

(Sunday 30th September 2018)

If the answer to your question is not here please email Hazel at [email protected]

What is the difference between the Graceful Embroidery and the Graceful Group Forum?

Graceful Embroidery is my eCommerce website where I sell all my embroidery designs for which you are required to open an account so all your downloads are there should you need them again. The Graceful Group Forum is a separate place of inspiration and discussion for those who want to move forward in their love of machine embroidery and interact with other avid machine embroiderers. Regular competitions are held and a newsletter called Embroidery Thoughts is regularly sent to members of the Group Forum. Members earn more rewards on most purchases that they make at Graceful Embroidery and also receive a considerable amount of freebies each year, so their accounts at Graceful Embroidery are manually given the correct membership level. To join the group a customers account is given access as a standard member.

What are the requirements for joining the Graceful Group Forum?

Members of the Group Forum are required to have an account at Graceful Embroidery which is given access to the Group Forum. They must prove that they are machine embroiderers first.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Membership of the Group Forum is free to all those who love machine embroidery and the designs that Graceful Embroidery sells.


I was a member of the Graceful Embroidery Yahoo group so if I do not join the Group Forum will I still be a member?

No I am sorry but you will no longer be a member of the Group and access to the Members area will be removed from your account by the end of August 2018 if you do not join. Your privileges will be restored when you re join provided not too long a time has lapsed. This decision is made by the administration of the Group Forum.


Does my membership of the Graceful Embroidery Group Forum need approval?

Yes when you register you are asked questions about your interest in machine embroidery which helps when your membership is being considered. Checks are made that you have account so it can be given access at a Standard level.

How long does approval take and can I enter the Group Forum while I wait?

No you cannot enter the Group Forum until you are approved. Approval can take up to 48 hours depending what time of day you register. Graceful Embroidery is based in the UK so be aware of the time difference. Until your membership is approved you cannot enter the Group Forum, and it is best if you do not try to login as you may think your password is wrong resulting in all sorts of problems. Sometimes multiple logins that fail are remembered by your browser and create problems when your membership is approved. Some members have had to have their membership cancelled requiring the process to begin all over again.


So as a member I have an account at Graceful Embroidery for purchasing designs. But why do I have to have a membership with the Group Forum?

The Group Forum is a place of inspiration and also a place where you can talk to fellow machine embroiderers. You also have the opportunity to download exclusive free designs and take part in competitions to win and collect lots of Rewards worth $0.50 each.

Are there any rules for members of the Group Forum?

  • Each member should be courteous and polite, keeping to the subject of machine embroidery.
  • When a member changes their email account they should inform the administration of the Group Forum so that they continue to receive all the important messages.
  • Each member should regularly read Embroidery Thoughts through subscription or within the Group Forum so they know all the latest news about designs, competitions, offers and their membership.
  • Members should only upload Photos showing Graceful Embroidery designs.
  • No advertising is allowed.
  • The sharing of any digital embroidery designs from Graceful Embroidery or any machine embroidery digitiser, is not allowed here or anywhere.
  • The approval of all posts within the Group Forum may be introduced at any time should the need arise, especially if non embroidery topics are introduced.